The Foundation currently has 18 endowed scholarships. These are as follows:

Jimmy & Patricia Barnes Endowed Scholarship (2013)
Dr. Barry Bleidt Endowed Scholarship (2007)
Wilbert Bluitt Endowed Scholarship (2009)
Terrence & Terri Burroughs Endowed Scholarship (2007)
Dr. Horace & Ethel Bynum Endowed Scholarship (2004)
Leonard Lacy Edloe Endowed Scholarship Fund (2013)
Dr. Cleon Fowler Endowed Scholarship (2008)
Kimberly France Endowed Scholarship (2006)
Ramona McCarthy-Hawkins Endowed Scholarship (2004)
James Bricky Hills Endowed Scholarship (2006)
Dr. Rosalyn Cain King Endowed Scholarship (2014)
The Kroger Company Endowed Scholarship (2007)
Dr. J.W. and Irma Ligon Endowed Scholarship (2008)
Dr. H.W. “Ted” Matthews Endowed Scholarship (2006)
NPhA Endowed Scholarship (2006)
Rite Aid Endowed Scholarship (2003)
Dr. Craig & Saundra Ruffin Endowed Scholarship (2004)
Wal-Mart Health & Wellness Endowed Scholarship (2010)

More Scholarships At Work

My name is Crystal and I’m a fourth year pharmacy student at the University of Georgia.  I recently attended the 2012 national meeting in Las Vegas, NV.  At the meeting, I was very fortunate to receive the Dr. Plas T. James book award.  Thank you for your generosity and support for students aiming for higher education.
Crystal Beal
I was delighted and honored to hear that I was selected to be a recipient of the Kroger Future Pharmacists Future Leaders Scholarship and I am so appreciative of your support.  I am currently a PY3 and I hope to pursue a residency position after I graduate in 2012. This scholarship will help reduce my financial burden so that I will be able to focus more on becoming a leader in pharmacy. I chose pharmacy as a profession because I want to make a positive impact on the health of the community through education on disease state prevention, management and medications. Thank you again for your investment in me.
Sarah Karkanawi
Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for being awarded this scholarship. I truly appreciate it. Thank you very much for your support and generosity.  The National Pharmaceutical Association is a great parent organization for the Student National Pharmaceutical Association and the individuals in your organization are great role models that I can emulate.  I very much look forward to joining join in a few years to support and help students the way you have helped me.
Olubusola Sokale
Thank you for this book award. It is an honor to have been recognized at a national event and by a person advocating the role of pharmacists in healthcare reform, especially in MTM services.
Janki Shah